A 7kg washer request 1 small; the 14kg, 2 small coins.
Use the big washer for quilts*, bed blankets,under blankets, mattres protectors, fitted sheets**, bed linen, baby mattresses, sleeping-bags, ski clothing, curtains, pillows, seat covers,towels, tableclothes …

The washers propose 5 different programs.
40° NORMAL for normal clothing.
60° WARM for e.a. white clothing.
95° HOT is best only used for white bed clothing or medical clothing.
All microbes will disappear in this mode.
40° SYNTHETIC for all synthetic clothes (shirts, shorts). Optimal when half loaded.
30° DELICAT for all fragile clothing like wool & most of your fragile beloved clothing.

The washer will indicate the working time!
1. Empty your pockets before washing
2. Check inside clothes: hands only or washer?
3. Separate as much as possible colors:white,dark and red together;
4. Stretch your sheets before putting in the washers or dryers
5. Clothes that take lot of water are better off in small washers and if possible not to full
for quality purposes.
6. Use a normal quantity of powder or liquid. Excess will not help and is more expensive.
7. Use additional for best results
* 1 of 2-persoons donsdekens ** hoeslakens


The dryers work with the big coins. Each coin is 10min.
When you add 2 coins they will work for 20 min.
90° Fastest & most dangerous. Definitely with wool or cotton.
60°-40° Most interesting for towels and your common wash
0° When your clothes are for example wool and you wish to dry it with no heat.
Whenever you desire, you can stop the dryer by pushing the start/stop button or opening the door. After checking the situation you can close back the door and push the start button. The dryer will continue it’s process.
Granny’s advices for the best result
1. Dry the temperature you washed it.
2. Divide your laundry between several dryers.
It will dry faster and will avoid creasing clothing.
3. Dry cotton and synthetic separately. Cotton can be dried at high temperatures.
Synthetics can be dried at lower temperatures and will be dry faster.
4. Dry pillows and bed blankets seperately. Max 2 pillows/dryer and 1 bed blanket/dryer



This machine is designed to iron all your bed and table linen
Check the red light is turned on
1. Add a big coin (same as the dryer) Wait till the ironer is at 162°C
2. When temperature reached, the orange button will enlighten.
Push green button and the band will start to roll. Add your linen.
3. After 4 minutes an alarm sound. Stop ironing or add coin.